Brain Cell #1 Love



It seems as if most of all my music is sparked from the notion of love, but then again, what artist doesn't have a lot of music sparked from love? I've encountered some hard losses, and those losses are, for better or worse, are important to me. 

How can you tell if someone truly loves you? Is it by how much they tell you they do? Is it by how much they spend on you? Or maybe it's by how magnetic and alluring ones energy feels for you even when they're not around them. The whole, "let love go, and if it comes back, it's true love" thing is kind of asinine to me; however, it may hold some truth, but how many times are you allowed to let it go? What if it's your second or third time letting it run free into the city? Sure, it has always come back, but when do you know NOT to let it go because it may run free and never return? 

When you love somebody, let them know. How you let them know may be subjective, but always let that person know. If not everyday, than every other day. If you're receiving love, don't be picky about how it's being shown. Sure, only being told "I love you" every single day is a bit lackluster, and it's best to spice things up a bit here and there, but the way in which love is sworn to you shouldn't always be judged. 

We're in this age where social media is a major facet in which we want to prove to people that what WE'RE doing, what WE have, and what WE say is so eminent. Ultimately, there's nothing hugely wrong with that, but now its grown its way into relationships. If you don't post photos or cutesy emoji's with you significant other, it's a mass problem. Why is it needed? How did something so digital and illusive become detrimental to relationships? Sure, it's one of those spices, but is personal bonding not enough? Are we now so mentally bond to this digital apparatus to where it's essential in the sustainability of our love lives? 

Love. What keeps you selfish. What keeps you cringing inside when you aren't in the know of what the other person with your other half is doing. What makes you feel like a desolate glacier in a polar icecap when the heat and energy of love has been taken from you. What makes you temporarily maniacal when your ownership rights of love are being revoked.

Hold on to your love. 

The inhabitants of this world are in a uproar for one thing, and that thing is love. When you've cultivated so much with a person, why would you ever be so willing and quick to disperse from that? Sure, some circumstances such as physical abuse, character demoralization, and just downright incompatibility through personality difficulties are better reasons to depart, but if you've spent years willingly patching holes then you're proving to yourself that you CAN make it work.