"Everything" hath bloomed!


Here we are after much chiseling, washing, and tinkering, Jahlaam's "Everything" single hath bloomed!

We started her "FLOW[ER]" project back in late October of 2k14. After meeting and speaking about endless things with her one evening at a Starbucks in midtown Atlanta, I started, in her car that night, playing her a few tracks I had in cue. She showed much love to the original backing track to "Everything" which I had titled "Everything Is Everything" at the time. From there, we spent lots of session just going back and forth cultivating the track, and eventually we settled on the greatest that she's put forth. I eventually created a remix to the track which we are let to release. Jahlaam started to perform Everything in March of 2k15, and from here we are just looking for endless blooming!