Here we are two months from the release of Jahlaam's first single "Everything" and she has followed up by releasing the remix just in time for the hard summer heat. In contrast to the sensual and alluring nature of the original, the remix comes in with a spell of ethereal synths and rocks out with hard electronic grit. The remix features vocals of the original gently dancing upon the landscape of House esque backbeats and synths all tied together to a robust and gritty bassline. 

Creating this beast wasn't all that simple. There were at least 4 different revisions in the span of 6 months. At the time, Everything was still in the process of being recorded, but I was so satisfied with Jahlaam's voice that I couldn't help but fool around with making a little remix. I intended on it being a little gag, but after having sent it to Jahlaam and finding out she loved it, I grew more attached to it.

We went back on forth on "the drop" especially with me being indecisive when creating a piece of work, and thinking nothing sounds good. I sent her prints of the different versions, and she'd always refer back to "THAT ONE" (the version before my spiral of changes).

I then literally named the session "THAT ONE".

I knew it'd probably sound cool if the tune incrementally rose in excitement by focusing in on the key parts of the original song, and then leave out with the grand "EVERYTHING" hook as the finale (but only once to tease you to go and listen to it again).

After switching out many synths, drums, etc, I finally came to my senses when it was super close to releasing (because that's just me, lol). Overall, I think we did a fantastic job, and I'm happy for her to have released it! Super proud of her! Now I just hope people think to throw it on and get lit the f** up to it! 

Listen below! Soon to be on iTunes & Spotify.