Damsels In Distress



Damsel's In Distress was a complete switch up from the style I had become accustomed to just even a year before. However, my life took a interesting turn, and my mellowness started to peak.

After moving from my hometown, I fought hard to hold on to the things I truly loved. I obtained a love that, even in its early development stages, I felt most adherent to. It was simply the sweetest thing that birthed into my life at the time. Even in my sorrows of having been detached from everything I once knew, it kept me grounded.

However, it wasn't all glorious. I felt that after having implemented all my energy, mentally/emotionally, and having stayed true and firm in such a long distance relationship, I was deserving of it all. The nerve of someone to not give me what I earned.

All the things that I shared with my former partner, I often wondered what if we cultivated it for nothing, and what if the church bells didn't ring? What if we didn't marry like we said we would? What would we do if all of that time we spent building our fortress of love was filled with a void? She was a Damsel In Distress, I reached out to save her, but maybe that's all that was written to do.