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If you're a game developer, film maker, youtube creator, this is the place for you. 

Below is a library of freelance work created to inspire or enlighten your latest project.

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*updated 3/28/17* *Remastered version*

A small 10 track spin off of "Miasma".

This project features more dark & grit filled ambients geared towards a mysterious and peculiar setting.

If you need more darkness, download this today! 


*updated 3/29/17* *Remastered version*


My latest development "Miasma" is a dark and psychological journey though dark spaces.

If you're looking for odd and morbid, here is where you need to be. 


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Sound Myst Collections


Normal everyday human life gets pretty boring, eh? 

Why not be a robust and appraised warrior eradicating a demonic subterranean army?

Why not explore a frosted cavern and stumble upon an untouched mystic treasure?

Why not ward of evil spirits in a blood drenched abandoned apartment complex?

Sound Myst looks to help be a vessel to take you to a place maybe real life could not do so.

S.M Cover.jpg

Sound Myst (Nocturnal Edition) (2010) was created to possibly help inspire creative stories, or to simply serve as background music while working on creative projects. I wanted to create ambiances that were more so creepy, and or surrealistic. With this project, I let my imagination run wild. Some of the pieces ending up in the fan made missions of the 2000 steath, first-person shooter Thief 2


Below are a few selections from the project.

Sound Myst (Majesty) (2010) served more motion picture style music, but there had been some interest from indie game dev's as well. As the title suggests, these were more "majesty style ambients. This project was made more so to spark creative ideas, but since there was a liking for it from indie game dev's, it could fulfill that purpose as well.

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