11 track album - release date: TBD 2017


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am i just a ghost to you..?


Nocturnia, a story of neglect, hexes, and a robust battle with ones neurotic being. 

H.P. Spadey, a ghost, a fleeting pleasure, or perhaps even a demon, he makes his way through the bowels of Nocturnia in hopes of becoming something more than a ghostly memory to others. Nocturnia has a foul playing way with its inhabitants. It keeps its residents in a dismal, delusional, and obsessive dreamlike state, chastising them with all of their own aspirations and dreams on a skittering yet untouchable string above their heads. Nocturnia, is it only a mere state of mind? A sickness? Or perhaps a living breathing hell for those whom have crossed into the afterlife? Spadey stops at nothing to attempt to bludgeon the bellies of Nocturnia's demons in hopes of making them regurgitate his mind and soul. Nocturnia brings to him witches, succubus, creatures and other temptations that will incite him, but yet possibly do nothing for his delusional transcendence from Nocturnia.