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In modern hip hop music, it is rare to come across an artist who is self-sufficient; can write their own creative bars, produce their own instrumentation, and polish it with engineering skills. Emerging from the streets of Detroit and later Atlanta, 26-year-old Spadey belongs to the triple threat club that includes Dre, Kanye, and Pharrell. His brand bestows a unique sound that musically brews the punch of trap music and dark melodic tones of new-age R&B.

Born Tabias Stallworth, Spadey grew up around the rough streets of Detroit where he acquired his love for music. His father was an aspiring musician who played in a jazz fusion band, and his mother aspired to be a singer in the likes of Diana Ross. At 11, he first began creating instrumentals with Fruity Loops 3 and later for other local artists. To enhance his skill as an engineer, he attended the Art Institute of Atlanta and acquired his BA in Audio Production.

After college, Spadey took a massive solo journey to Los Angeles in search of growth as a recording artist.

In January '18, Spadey released his debut mixtape "whereisspadey" 



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