Sweet Evolution.

March is pretty much out of here, and we've arrived at the Spring Equinox just days ago. I smell a wisp of  a sweet scent of evolution in the air. The winter brought about a lot of cultivation, and although that process is not complete, some brand new ideas have sprung forth. Frankly, I cannot wait to put these things into motion, and I will be announcing them hopefully sooner than later. As of now what I can say is a "visual board" like project via Tumblr is currently in  development as well as the launch of a new collective. My goal is to gather artist of visual arts, literature, and music together into a neat little package.  



There's been a seed ready to bust out its shell, and its name is Jahlaam. While it's difficult to put her constraints, Jahlaam explores genres such as Neo Soul, Electronic, and Experimental R&B. With a alluring and high rise voice, Jahlaam outputs great energy and vibrance. Late last year, I was able to meet with her and embark on what has been a lovely vagary quest. Previously, we were going to release her EP "FLOW[ER]" on the dawn of Spring, but we've decided to churn the contents in its bucket a lot more. While we're not all too sure when we'll release, we're hardly bothered by a date. In place of this, we are looking to bring forth her vocal talent on covers, and she shall be performing in the metro Atlanta area this spring/summer. (see "Everything (Remix Teaser) below)


tabias scŏt

I myself have been actively processing my work as what seems to be for thousands of years, but these days it has been more fruitful than ever. I've arrived at two separate projects, but not really ready to announce anything. This summer I plan to have a parcel of material, and possibly the EP's by the last phase of the summer. No one truly knows but the Universe! This spring/summer is ultimately about gathering art, sharing art, helping evolve others and transferring all sorts of congenial vibrations.



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