Created at a time when my adolescent cells were raging, The Devil's Symphony was a platform of musical uncertainty, and uncanniness.

TDS begins with a cognitive disorder/depersonalization trip with myself or spiritual being, sPadey sPacely. sPadey sPacely emerges from within sPadey's introverted being, and sets out on a path to reclaim his love from his lover "Mrs sPadey". sPadey sPacely journeys through and array of atmospheres carrying all sorts of emotions that often leads him to mental battles with himself. sPadey sPacely is then surmounted by the reality that his lover may in fact just be an illusion. sPadey then taps back into himself, and leads the rest of the journey eventually spiraling out of control once more in the end pleading to be saved from his demonic dreams & illusions. 


While far from a perfect state sonically, and not very consistent with the storyline, The Devil's Symphony translated, artfully, most of what I experienced at that period of my adolescent years (only less extreme). 


I was on fire scientifically, and emotionally which lead to more substance in this project. A B-Side was recorded, and will likely be released sometime in the near future.